How to get your natural hair color back

Occasionally we get so caught up in dyeing, bleaching and highlighting our hair that we lose completly  sight of what we really want , whatever you  just started coloring your hair or you’ve been playing with hair colors for years and years, at time all you want is how to get your natural hair color back . Considering that process is a little difficult and most of us know exactly what that’s like , it helps when you’ve got a professional’s advice
Tired of coloring your hair and having to keep up with the maintenance? Want to go for a more natural look and save money in the salon? Below we will give you important tips To follow in order To get your natural hair color back designed for people who want to lift their artificial color out or their hair and also for those who suffer from gray hair and wish to get their hair color back .

In what is concerning the first category ,to get back to your natural color, you have to lift the artificial color out of your hair, so I’d recommend a bleach wash. A bleach wash is traditionally done with a low peroxide and hair bleach mixed with shampoo. You gently wash the hair and it will cause a slight lift in the hair color. It’s gentler than any other way to get the color out of your hair, unless you can get your hands on a color . A color remover shrinks the artificial color molecule down and allows you to wash most of it out of your hair. Once your hair is to the same level or lightness or darkness of your natural hair, a toner should be deposited. A toner neutralizes any unwanted tones in the hair, such as, red, orange, gold and so on. Use the opposite color of what the hair lifted too, to achieve a neutral tone.

Moreover , if you have simply added a few highlights to your hair to brighten it up a bit, transitioning to your natural shade is pretty simple. You can grow it out and embrace an ombre look until regular haircuts even the shade, or replace those highlights with lowlight in a shade close to your natural color every 6 to 12 weeks until the highlights have disappeared.

In addition, If you lighten your color all together, either by highlighting heavily, coloring it in a lighter shade, or changing the tone, it’s a bit more of a task to go natural, but it’s not usually all together complicated. The first step is to let your hair grow out for at least two to three months. This will give your stylist a good sample of your natural color.
Withall , hair color that has been darkened will also require a tint back, but the process will be a bit different. Again, it recommend that you use a professional, and allow your hair to grow for two to three months prior to your appointment to allow your stylist to see a good sample of your natural color. Your stylist will remove the darker color by lightening via a soap cap application or a color remover application. After the darker color has been lifted to the desired natural level, a color or color toner will then be applied in the natural shade that you desire. It is important to note that dark permanent hair color can not be removed by simply applying a lighter shade of permanent color to your hair. Hair color can not lift colored hair. So, if you darken your hair and think you can successfully lighten your hair by putting a lighter box of hair color over top of your dark hair you will learna very hard and will likely need the help of a professional to fix your mistake.

For the second category those who looks for covering gray hair are ready to embrace your natural gray hair, the process is different. Unfortunately having your hair colored to a gray shade that will blend and match your natural gray color is nearly impossible. The grow out process can be long, but if you’re ready for the challenge there are a few things you can do to make the process less painful. These tips also work if you want to stop coloring, or color less.

1 : Cut your hair often, and keep it short. The time to grow your natural hair out will be significantly shorter with short hair. Now is a great time to try a pixie.
Try highlights or low lights to blend the color. While first growing out your hair, try highlights or lowlights for a few months to help transition to your natural color.
2 : Try a demi-permanent color versus a permanent color. Demi-permanent color will not fully cover gray, but will help blend it for a smoother transition. As demi-permanent color fades away, your natural color will shine through.
The last tip to follow in order to achieve the treatment is to apply after your hair has been tinted back :
you’ll simply need to let it grow. Keep in mind, the hair that has been tinted back should still be treated as colored hair. Just because it is your natural color does not mean it is not chemically treated. Hair grows, on average, one half-inch per month. If you keep your hair long, it will likely take years before your hair is truly natural again.
There is nothing better than being natural , having a natural hair color reflects the own person’s beauty related to him, and this is why the benefits of getting your natural hair color back are many and several :

1 : Going natural will change a lot of things, deleting a lot of dye-related costs from your budget, allowing you to re allocate your resources into something that actually benefits your health or beauty .

2 : you will enjoy a permanent relax not having to worry about your dye being discontinued, not having to check your roots every once in a while to make sure new growth .

3 : you ‘ll benefit from growing hair out is , that will become more easier when your hair is not influenced by chemical damages , side effect or harm To the hair

4 : improving your hair quality is a main consequence of getting your natural hair color back

5 : getting your natural hair color back , will give you a new look save and good , also .

6 : you ‘ll not waste money and time on salon , also you gonna move To take care of the other part of your body .

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